is hosted by linode, on a server that runs on sustainable energy.

Each view produces an estimated 1.69g of CO2, or 0.943 L in terms of volume.

The total size of the page is 8.33 MB and thus unfortunately, it ranks worse in environmental efficiency than 88% of web pages we've scanned! It does, however, receive a performance score of 88%.

Given all this information, we've graded the site C. You should try to decrease the overall size of the website, learn how.

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At ~1,000,000 visits per year, produces as much c02 as 0.368 cars anually

green tech graphic
green tech graphic

It'll take 17,701 pageviews to produce co2 equal to the weight of a labrador.

At ~10,000 visits per month, it'll take 8.14 trees anually to offset the co2 production from

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