Privacy Policy

CO2 Observer is an initiative by the Cloudservers Group (Cloudservers Ltd.), that aims to enlighten users about the web's environmental footprint and offer guidance on fostering a more eco-friendly web.

  • We gather details entered into our calculator (web address and page views) and save them in an open database.
  • This data helps us approximate the yearly carbon emissions of the provided website and other related environmental metrics. These findings are saved in our database and showcased on our site.
  • All data displayed on this site, including specifics about a website's environmental effects, is available for public use under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  • We employ Google Analytics to collect insights about our site's visitors, their geographical locations, and their devices. This aids us in enhancing our site's performance and customizing our tools and content for our audience.
  • Information shared through our contact form(s) is stored in our email system (Google Apps) to facilitate our response. Only relevant Wholegrain Digital team members can access this.
  • If you've shared non-public data with us and wish for its removal, or if you have privacy concerns, please reach out via the form below.

If you have further questions about the calculator or how your data is stored, please don't hesitate to email us.